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Leather Protection

Kids, dogs, untidy visitors, friends with food - they're all foiables of the car enthusaist. Short of kicking your kids, dogs, visitors or 'friends with food' out of the car - there is a way to protect your car's interior.

Using the latest in nano technology, Surfacetech provide leather and surface protection solutions for both hard and soft surfaces. Exclusive distributors of international brand, Permanon and GTechniq, Surfacetech have the expertise and products to keep your car's interior looking showroom new. Ask us today about GTechniq's Platimum Smart Leather coating - it's stain resistant, provides effective UV protection and prevents die transfer onto pale leather.

Aside from protecting a valuable asset, ensuring that things look and feel their best is essential - and that doesn't just stop with your car's interior. Surfacetech provide a a number of products that will treat and protect your car's interior, exterior, wheels and glass. Ask us today about C5 Wheel Armour, G3 Clear Vision Glass Coating, Platinum Smart Fabric and C1 Platinum Pain Protection. For more information about these and other leading surface protection products, visit our online shop or get in touch for a professional appraisal.

Leather Protection Image