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Glass Protection

Wouldn't it be great if your car could be better protected from contaminants, bugs and heavy rain? If no matter what the weather conditions were outside, your wiper blades could glide noiselessly over smooth, spot free glass? Look no further - there is a solution.

Produced by one of Surfacetech's preferred brands, GTechniq, G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass prevents smears caused by wiper blades and blows water off your car at speeds as low as 45km per hour.  Designed to make water bead, dirt is less able to stick and insects and ice are easier to remove. Sick of finding finger-smudges, dirt and dust on glass doors at the home or office? This product is also suitable for vertical glass surfaces, and is designed to make water simply roll off, leaving a virtually spot free surface.

Resistant to wiper blades and other light surface scratching, this product outlasts ordinary glass sealants and improves visibility in all weather conditions. Built on the same nano-active technology as Gtehniq's other innovative coatings, G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass bonds with the glass to create a slick barrier between the glass and the elements. For more information about this and other products, visit our online shop or get in touch today.

Glass Protection Image