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Fabric Protection

Whether your a pet lover, red wine lover or a connoiseur of living life to the full - unless you plan on wrapping your lounge in plastic, surface protection is an absolute necessity.

Surfacetech's preferred fabric protection system provides interiors and furnishings with lasting protection against stains, fading and mildew. Better still, the leading technology used in the brands supplied by Surfacetech offer protection against harmful UV rays, odours, liquid spills and ink stains. Using nano technology, the treatment surrounds the individual fibre - right down to the base, providing an invisible barrier of protection. Surfacetech's preferred fabric protection products are non-toxic and odourless (once cured). Allowing stains and spills to simply be wiped away, they save time and money and protect valued assets. Better still, our selected fabric protection range is permanent and requires no re-application.

One of the biggest Australian suppliers of GTechniq and Permanon surface protection products, the team at Surfacetech are experts at prescribing long-term solutions to correct fabric defects, remedy accidents or prevent stains and mildew from becoming permanent fixtures in your fabric. For more information, visit our online shop or get in touch via the contact us page.

Fabric Protection Image