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Protection is always better than cure and it really does make sense to protect a new boat or older craft.  Wax and other detergents might keep a boat shiny but they also allow dirt particles to stick to it. This means that when you wipe the boat down, the dirt or sand can actually cause damage to the paint job, as wiping will grind the dirt or sand into the paint. In short, boat paint protection is essential to protecting your investment.

The best treatment on the market for protecting hard surfaces is Permanon. Permanon has been technologically enhanced with smart surface functionality, which removes the age-old problem associated with current generation polish and protect systems (that is, a traditional polish only provides short term results). The industry’s leader, Permanon paint protection provides the best gloss and colour stability, is stain resistant and self-cleaning, scuff resistant and affective in the long-term. Surfacetech is the only approved supplier of Permanon products in Australia,so get in touch today.


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