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When it comes to your own private aicraft, we know that most owners wont trust just any surface protection product. Given the size of your investment, this is more than understandable. Having scoured the globe for the best aicraft surface protection technology, Surfacetech recommend and sell Permanon.

A Boeing certified product, Permanon's aircraft range is believed to reduced wind shear and drag. Producing brilliant shine without buffing or polishing, Permanon is resistant to most acids, solvents and alkalis, repells airborne dust, is temperature safe on surfaces up to 300 degrees celsius and offers excellent UV protection. Better still, because Permanon's silicium is water-based, it electro-statically attaches to surfaces rather than chemically bonding. This means that it can be easily and rapidly sprayed on to paint, glass, steel, plastic, alloys and other surfaces without risk of damage or affecting re-painting. For more information visit our online shop or get in touch today.

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