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About Us

With a stellar reputation and second-to-none policy on customer service, Surfacetech provides cost-effective solutions to surface protection needs. Whether you’re protecting your car, house, office, boat or plane, it’s vital that you select the correct surface protection treatment for the job. A Surfacetech specialist is trained to assess more than a dozen different variables and to apply more than 50 different products. Best of all, by purchasing through the Surfacetech website you can rest assured that your product is the genuine article.

The only approved reseller of GTechniq and Permanon products in Australia, the team at Surfacetech has years of experience in prescribinig surface protection solutions and are up to the minute in latest developments. Although many of our products are produced by GTechniq and Permanon, we are continually on the look-out for new developments in surface protection and treatment.

Why GTechniq and Permanon? GTechniq market a line of surface preparations and finishing seals that outshine and outlast the competiton. Designed to clean, polish, and protect the broadest range of automotive exteriors, GTechniq products protect surfaces in a way no traditional wax application can match. From car exteriors, fabrics, leather and vinyl, GTechniq makes a product to suit virtually every surface.

Permanon is a safe and simple-to-apply surface protection that produces brilliant shine on all solid surfaces. Suitable for most hard surfaces, Permanon is a brilliant product that eliminates the need for buffing or polishing and is conveniently sold as a concentrate so that you buy less water and more protection.

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